Project List

  • Miri Piri Academy
    Amritsar, Punjab, India
  • University of Pennsylvania
    Institute of Contemporary Art
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Yale University Art Gallery
    Kahn Building Restoration - Renovation
    New Haven, Connecticut
  • Mercersburg Academy
    Burgin Center for the Arts
    Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
  • University of California Los Angeles
    Morgan Center Intercollegiate Athletic
    Department and Hall of Fame
    Los Angeles, California
  • Panjab University
    Administration Building Annex,
    Women’s Dormitory and,
    Campus Street Lighting
    Panjab University, Chandigarh, India
  • New York City Public Schools,
    Intermediate/High School
    for School Construction Authority
    Programming and Feasibility Study
    District 43, Queens, New York
  • Oberlin College
    Hall Auditorium Renovation and
    Oberlin, Ohio

University of California
Morgan Center
Intercollegiate Athletic
Department and Hall of Fame

Previous work as Associate with Polshek Partnership Architects

The renovation of the 70,000 Sq. Ft. existing building and adding on 40,000 Sq. ft., three-story new space allowed for an increase in office space for coaching and administrative staff on the upper two levels and improved resources for student athletes and expanded media and conferencing facilities and Hall of Fame exhibit space on the first floor. To facilitate the project some of the campus infrastructure was strategically relocated including shifting of the mascot, the beloved bear “Bruin”.


D Radheshwar Architect
Damyanti was invited by Miri Piri Academy, a private Sikh religious school in Amritsar, India to prepare program and masterplan for its expansion. It was important to understand the religious practices followed by the Sikh community as well as the Academy’s aspirations to attract students from all over the world. On this 13 acre site, central to the campus layout is its pride, soccer field, and “Gurudhwara”. Agricultural fields adjacent to the campus supply wholesome organic food to the school kitchen. The world famous “Golden Temple” is only 6 miles away. The students are provided transportation to the temple where they perform community service and learn humility. Teachings of humility are at the core of Sikh religion.

University Campus Street Lighting Design

Previous work as Project Architect at University Construction Office, Chandigarh, India

The university campus designed by Pierre Jeanerette was work in progress when Damyanti joined from 1967 to 1970. Task of street lighting design required establishing security parameter and light levels within circulation hierarchy, pedestrian, vehicular, primary, secondary etc., researching available products and efficiency levels, performance, product cost, installation, maintenance and long range energy costs. Design and layouts for phase one were completed in 1970. A mock up followed and finally phase one installation was completed in 1972.

University of Pennsylvania
Concept Design for Institute
of Contemporary Art

D Radheshwar Architect collaborated on this project in role of a Senior Theater Consultant and Technical Advisor with Joel Sanders Architect.

Size: 48,000 Sq. ft.

Collaborating with Joel Sanders Architect, the project is renovation of existing public spaces, expanding existing galleries and building a new addition to include a multi purpose performance space, seminar rooms and cafe, revitalizing the street and terraces around the existing building.

Yale University Art Gallery
Kahn Building
Façade Restoration
and Renovation

Previous work as Associate Partner with Polshek Partnership Architects

Size: 62,000 Sq. Ft.

The renovation of the 1953 Louis Kahn Art Gallery building restores many features of the original design and upgrades outmoded systems. The complete replacement of the building’s original window-wall system, along the west and north facades, was the most complex aspect of the renovation. The new system duplicates the appearance and profiles of the original while addressing the original wall’s technical shortcomings and accommodating the strict temperature and humidity requirements of a modern museum. The renovation also restores an open exterior courtyard that was previously roofed over in the 1970’s. With the removal of partitions, the individual galleries now reveal spacious, unobstructed vistas according to Kahn’s original vision.