Project List

Chelsea Enclave at General Theological Seminary

Previous work as Associate Partner with Ennead Architects

Size: 170,000 Sq. Ft.

The design for the new 54-unit residential, commercial and library addition to the existing Seminary campus interprets the architecture of the historic Chelsea Square district. The use of brick and brownstone in the five-story base extends the historic base of the existing Seminary buildings. The sixth and seventh stories, in contrast, are conceived primarily in glass and are set back from the base to maintain a consistent massing of the entire complex from the street side view. The proportions of the elements, selection of materials and detailing makes the building seamlessly fit its urban context.

The Grand Chelsea
Residential Tower

Previous work as Senior Project Architect with Polshek Partnership

Size: 155,000 Sq. Ft., 156 Units

This red-brick project is a very strong composition of a low-rise base with a slab tower at one end in response to the 5 to 6-story buildings in the immediate context. The masonry detailing creates texture and depth on the facade that adds interest and play of light and shadows.

Manhattan Plaza
Residential Towers

revious work as Project Architect with David Todd and Associates Architects

Manhattan Plaza is the largest Section 8 property in Manhattan and is uniquely set aside to provide affordable housing for the arts. There are two 46 story high rise buildings containing 1,689 apartments, a health club, a tennis club, a parking garage and 2 stories of retail tenants. Shape of the towers created opportunities for well lit apartments. The New Yorker Magazine voted Manhattan Plaza as having the best public pool in Manhattan.

Weekend Home

Size 2,500 Sq. Ft.

On a small waterfront site, the design of a 3-story house provides views of 4 different water bodies, including the Atlantic Ocean. The rectangular shape of the house has a triangle with large picture windows at the midpoint of each of its long sides, providing views in eight directions. The sun, light and airflow from strategically located windows make this a “passive house”, reducing energy costs. Front and back decks at all levels make the house feel very spacious. The design is all about space and connection between indoor and outdoor.

Solo Residential Tower

Previous work as Project Architect with Gruzen and Partners Architects

Size: 44 Stories with Movie Theater and a Swimming Pool

This was a first full glass residential building to appear on New York skyline, meticulously detailed, required technical innovations working with curtain wall manufacturers. Received Bard Design Award.

Ooman Residence

Size: 2,400 Sq. Ft.

The project brief included combining 2 apartments to create “loft like” layout.
This was achieved by disengaging core from the perimeter, creating an uninterrupted
90 long “L” from where children’s’ bedrooms were accessed. Meticulously detailed this has become a showpiece for the satisfied client.